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  • Virtual paper for the wine biz

    Virtual Paper Catalog : Virtual Paper for the wine biz transforms traditional paper publications into captivating online presentations at very low costs and practically no effort. Fully customisable to enable total interactivity, Virtual paper will help you Talk to you customers, Lower business costs, Drive traffic to your website. Fully Google searchable, Virtual Paper for the wine Biz also includes a feature set that provides you with Real-time usage stats. Virtual paper catalogs / Learn more

  • Translation

    GWS translation services leverages our considerable knowledge of the industry and our ability to function in various languages to help you present yourself to an increasingly diverse international audience. Tasting notes, company overviews, web site translations are areas where we are most efficient. Translation / Learn more

  • Escrow

    GWS third party escrow services are designed to help business partners who are new to each other complete transactions in a "secure" environment. Our system works much like a letter of credit process, but is scalable to transactions of any size, in any country. Escrow / Learn more


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