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Virtual paper for the wine biz

Virtual Paper for the wine Biz (View an example) has the mission of giving life to a publication! In a simple click, readers are invited to browse through the virtual publication in 3D using a turning page animation software as if they had a real copy of it in front of them, except that this time, the publication is alive and interactive. Readers can flip through the pages, search for information or articles, even consult videos, or listen to the winemaker's description of a specific wine, directly from the pages of the publication. They can also click on a logo or banner and go on the advertiser's website. Here is the new intuitive way to consult documents on the Web and, thanks to Adobe's Flash technology, Virtual Paper for the wine biz services are accessible to nearly 98 % of all Internet surfers.

Virtual Paper for the wine biz also offers publishers a statistical interface in order to analyze their visitors' behaviours. The statistics tool can obtain several data elements, including geographical location, visit frequency, which pages each user visited, which links were clicked, time spent to consult each page or a publicity and even if a visit turned into a sale. Therefore, editors can learn more about their visitors' behaviours and thus adapt their market strategies and notice, in real time, the result of their decisions.


  • Reproduce paper publications into a Flash flip page for your online magazine; version in no time.
  • Accessed for your own website, as well as from Google and other major search engines.
  • Allows promotional inserts and last-minute offers in the publication.
  • Helps develop income streams through enhanced advertisement possibilities including audio and video.
  • Lowers your printing and distribution costs.
  • Rates and analyzes your visitors' behaviours to follow-up on your investment return.
  • Improves your readership loyalty.
  • Costs: The basic package (excluding audio and video) for a 20 page yearly publication including hosting, personalised scroll bar and access to statistical interface is available for a limited time at 250 Euros per year.
  • Members of GWS benefit from a 20 % discount over the regular Virtual Paper for the Wine Biz price !!

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