About Us

DELL'OVA FRERES. We are independent wine growers, Our vineyard extends over the territory of The Palm(Flipper) in maritime country(soil), in a dry and windy area benefiting from maritime sea sprays. These sea sprays come to refresh the vineyard(vine) planted on a particularly dry ground, which allows to obtain grapes showing magnificent concentrations. Our domain produces various wines: AOC FITOU(PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN FITOU), AOC(PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN) Muscatel wine of Rivesaltes. He(it) consists of 65 hectare among which 50 hectare of naming Fitou, the average return is about 35hl / ha, what assures(insures) wines quality and personality. The culture of the vineyard(vine) was reasoned in fight until January, 2009, dates in whom(which) the domain entered Organic conversion. Solar panels are installed(settled) on the buildings(ships) of the domain within the framework of a program of sustainable development.