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Following the launch of our new website last week, we are delighted to report that key parameters are already up significantly for the first 10 days post-launch compared to the last 10 days pre launch. Traffic and page views are up by 10% and bounce rates are down by a similar amount. In particular, the number of buyer leads is up considerably, which should decrease our customer acquisition costs and provide more business opportunities for our selling members.

We are very pleased with these early results, but are also aware that much remains to be done. Comments have generally been very positive, and we believe that we are well positioned to continue driving growth by giving our members increased visibility on our website.

We are also excited to introduce the new format for Insider News. As we explained last week, this format is designed to provide greater depth of content and bring additional value to our readership.

Finally, our new GWS Trade Tools line of services was launched last week, and we are happy to report that we have had several inquiries regarding both the Translation and Logistics services. This quick response is very encouraging given that the Trade Tools have not yet been publicized on the website.

We always welcome feedback concerning opportunities to provide greater value for our members, and look forward to your comments regarding our services.

Jean-Michel Stam
Vice-President, Sales & Operations
Global Wine & Spirits