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Global Wine & Spirits launches Virtual Paper for the Wine Biz in a key partnership with My Virtual Paper

Virtual Paper for the Wine BizVirtual Paper for the Wine Biz (click here for a sample) breathes life into any wine related print material! With just a click on the publication owner's website, readers find themselves exploring a virtual version of print material enabled by 3D turning page animation software. This technology provides readers a living, interactive experience by simulating a real copy of any document. Users can flip through the pages, search for information or articles, and even consult videos or listen to the winemaker's description of a specific wine ? all directly from the pages of a publication. The environment and toolbars are also completely customized to the publication owner's needs. Users can even click on enticing advertisements and directly visit the advertiser's website. This intuitive new way to consult Web documents is made possible by Adobe's Flash technology. Moreover, Virtual Paper for the Wine Biz is accessible to nearly 98% of all Internet users.

Key management tools
Virtual Paper for the Wine Biz offers publishers a statistical interface that can be used to analyze the behaviour of visitors. The statistics tool delivers a variety of useful information, including geographical location, visit frequency, pages visited by each user, links clicked, time spent on each page, and even whether a visit resulted in a sale. Editors can therefore learn more about user activities, adapt market strategies accordingly, and see the real-time results of their decisions.

Increased Web visibility
Through an ingenious application of technology, all content on Virtual Paper for the Wine Biz is indexed by the major search engines, thereby enabling publication owners to increase Web visibility and drive traffic to their website. This is a critical function, for ensuring that customers find you is the key to any online development strategy.

About My Virtual Paper
My Virtual Paper is a leader in the digital media edition market. Its technology has been developed by Tree Technologies, a leader in IT, Web 2.0 and interactive media in Canada. My Virtual Paper provides solutions for the Reed Business Information Group, Le Figaro, Newscorp, Alliance Hospitalite, BMW, Lamborghini amongst others.

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