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Global Wine & Spirits is happy to report that even though we are all facing difficult economic conditions, our membership and traffic counts keep on growing as we approach the holiday season.

A healthy and growing community

Growth rates for GWS services in the past 12 months were once again well into double digits, a sure indication that our community is healthy and growing. Membership is up significantly for both buyers and sellers, and the number of active members at GWS has passed the 4,500 mark for the first time in our history.

Site metrics also look promising with visits and page views up 65% and 49% respectively — key signs that our website is still gaining momentum despite a tougher economic background. All other internal activity indicators are also showing strong growth, which truly is encouraging news for our members.

First anniversary of our new site

When we launched our new website one year ago, we set out to reinforce our position as the most visible online B2B wine community through a massive presence on major search engines. Our objective was to provide additional online visibility to GWS members through our Product Catalog's presence on Google and Yahoo and to attract a larger number of buyers through increased advertising and additional presence at key trade shows, thus providing additional business opportunities to our members. We are very happy to announce that we have achieved these objectives, but will continue to keep these goals at the top of our list of priorities.

Challenges for the coming year

Our enhanced presence on the major search engines has attracted not only professionals but also consumers looking for our members' brands. Online consumer-to-producer communication is an area we intend to focus on in order to help foster closer ties between interested consumers and our producing and brand-holding members. We are also looking to build relations among community members through new tools enabling increased interaction and the exchange of views and business opportunities. Finally, we expect to keep on building value for our members with the continued development of our Business Intelligence tools, for which member reaction has been extremely positive.

We are constantly receiving feedback from our members as to how we can increase the quality of our services. This information is very precious to us. We thank you in advance for sending your comments to and look forward to another great year on Global Wine & Spirits.

Jean-Michel Stam
Vice-President, Sales & Operations
Global Wine & Spirits