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ŒnotourismeWinegrowers in every region of the world are finding it increasingly difficult to diversify what is a primarily local clientele and generate sufficient revenues to ensure the sustainability of operations.

According to a study conducted by the Victorian Wineries Tourism Council (Winemakers' Federation of Australia, Wine Tourism Strategic Plan, November 2002), it is estimated that two thirds of the region's winegrowers are financially dependent to a large degree on sales directly from their cellar.

For the most part, small and midsized producers do not have enough inventory to operate on export markets. In order to maintain a high quality of production, these producers need to find income-generating activities related to their business operations.

Wine tourism currently offers significant potential for producers to grow by attracting a diverse clientele and creating enthusiasm around their winemaking activities. In addition, wine tourism supports marketing efforts to increase cellar-based sales while reinforcing the winery's reputation.

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Élodie Beauloye
Global Wine and Spirits