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Although still marginal, wine tourism is a phenomenon that the international tourist industry would do well to embrace. Wine has always stirred passions and generated an air of mystery by its very nature, production methods and aristocratic milieu.

These elements are behind the growing interest of modern consumers everywhere, who find themselves drawn to a new touristy service offering being launched by wineries. Wine tourism serves to develop and promote the image of a terroir by providing consumers with a window onto the art of winemaking and wine tasting. The concept of terroir encompasses both wine and gastronomy, two specialties that go hand in hand because of the vast potential for food and wine pairings. This is a world into which many consumers are eager to be initiated.

The key to success in planning a wine tourism strategy is to carefully balance the technical complexity of wine with the notions of discovery, initiation and pleasure associated with tourism. Developing such a program can be used to build a brand image around the history and heritage of a wine region in general, in addition to generating added value for a specific winery.

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Élodie Beauloye
Global Wine and Spirits