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There are so many wines and spirits on the market today that consumers find themselves overwhelmed and unable to focus on specific products. The response of producers is to dedicate a large part of their marketing strategy towards developing tools to set themselves apart from the competition and ensure better retail visibility through an innovative image geared to what consumers are seeking. These efforts are in response to growing concerns for the environment and quality assurance.

The latest wave of innovation has led to the development of tools that are now available to serve less audacious producers.

Next generation labelling

?notourismeThe German company Logo Flex has come up with a series of three-dimensional wine logos and labels. The visually powerful raised surface can build identity and allow consumers to quickly recognize a product through its unique and attractive packaging. Removable back labels have also been developed. These allow consumers to retain information about each wine tasted and make it easier to find a particular product on the next shopping trip.

Even wines need design

?notourismeNew concept samples and bottles have appeared on the market recently. One of these is WIT (Wine in tube), which presents wine samples in small glass tubes of various sizes. The purpose of these mini-formats with their trendy, economic packaging is to make it easier to ship samples and to encourage new ways and opportunities for tasting wine.

?notourismeAs for packaging, we have seen the traditional glass bottle replaced by rather improbable materials, to say the least. Borrowed from the bottled water industry, PET plastic is now being used to design light, inexpensive wine bottles with a screw cap. Even more surprising, the Portuguese company Think Wine is using aluminium bottles.

?notourismeOther new concepts include Toupie, a line of wines with silkscreen labels printed right around the bottle and Drop Stop, a fashionable brand of labels that can be personalized.

More than ever before, innovation and development are on everyone’s mind. The wine and spirits market offers a plethora of possibilities to build a unique, contemporary product image.

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Elodie Beauloye
Global Wine and Spirits