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Penin The future appears promising for wine, and the best way to understand the industry's potential is to take a fresh look at current realities. The Wine Future Rioja Congress held on November 12 and 13 in Logroño, the capital of Spain's leading wine region - for which Global Wine & Spirits was a media partner - will be remembered as the first event in history where the economic crisis, uncertainty, the need for wine education, industry fragmentation, climate change and technology were all discussed within the same forum. Every one who attended the Congress is a player in the global wine industry. It was clearly demonstrated that there are opportunities to profit from existing market niches. Instead of being viewed as threats, however, the challenges just mentioned need to be acknowledged and planned for, as is the case with other hurdles the industry has encountered in the past or will face in the future.

This has always been the vision of Global Wine & Spirits. Since 2000, we have been forging a strong presence in the world of e-commerce, and GWS has always viewed the Internet as an opportunity in addition to being a powerful tool. We still believe the Internet to be the future of the industry. Our strategy has always been positioned to offer greater visibility by being the leading portal serving the sector. This strategy will remain relevant as long as we continue to evolve with the industry and remain committed to understanding the challenges of each market.

For this reason, we believe that Wine Future Rioja, which was attended by nearly a thousand industry professionals and media representatives, provided an exceptional opportunity to meet and exchange experiences. The more than 30 presentations by key industry speakers dealing with issues of concern to everyone drove home points that we can now share with our members and the readers of Insider News. Your comments are always welcome!