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SopexaLast year, according to the IWSR, China became the world’s largest market for spirits. Moreover, as the world’s fastest growing market for wine sales, China is now poised to become the world’s sixth largest wine market with consumer sales valued at more than US$2.7 billion.

At the 2009 edition of SIAL China, the wine and spirits industry had the largest display area of any sector: 175 wine and spirits exhibitors (key accounts, wine cooperatives and independent wine producers) from 17 countries welcomed more than 12,000 visitors interested in the sector.

SIAL China 2010 is the leading wine and spirits exhibition in mainland China. Aware of the potential and challenges inherent in this position, organizers have decided to keep the spotlight on this sector for the 10th anniversary edition of the show.

One of the main events developed by SIAL China to target the sector is the Wine innovation Forum (WIF). The WIF presents information about three key features of international wine markets and provides a place for wine professionals and wine lovers to gather.

The WIF explores the wine industry through three thematic presentations:

+ Geographic Origin: A look at the world’s main wine-producing regions with a special focus on regions with the greatest representation at the exhibition. For the 2010 edition of SIAL China, nine countries have been selected: Argentina, Portugal, China, South Africa, France, Spain, Italy, the United States and Australia.
+ Varietals Area: A tasting of the world’s eight leading grape varieties originating in Europe and exported to the New World: Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Chenin, Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Syrah, Pinot Noir and Tempranillo.
+ Top Brands: Major brands on display at SIAL China that are revitalizing the wine and spirits market according to three criteria: innovation, marketing success and added value. In 2009, 12 conferences were organized presenting 10 international brands, including Jacob’s Creek (Australia), Black Tower (Germany), Baron de Lestac (France), Colombelle (France), X-Noir (France), Camens (China) and Fruite Catalan (France).

SopexaFor its 10th anniversary, SIAL China 2010 aims to provide a face-to-face platform for wine producers, distributors, retailers, consumers, hospitality buyers and other industry players passionate about wine.

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May 19-21, 2010
Shanghai New International Expo Center
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