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The 2012 edition of Lyon International Wine Coompetition took place Saturday, March 24 at the Cité Internationale, chaired by Honorary Chef Laurent Bouvier (President of the "Toques Blanches Lyonnaises").

This third edition of this competition has confirmed the reputation it is gaining.
In 2010, for the first selection, 1400 wines had been received. Two years later it
is 2400 samples that were offered to the tasters.

On 24th March at 9 a.m the tasting began in a quasi- religious silence. Just
beforehand the participants had listened to an introductory speech delivered by
Fabrice Sommier (MOF Sommelier 2007) confirming instructions so that all the
juries would adhere to identical selection criteria and above all integrate use of
the new marking grids (100 points). The 350 professional jury members
(oenologists, sommeliers, wine merchants, restaurateurs, wine producers,
brokers) and informed wine lovers then tasted and graded the different
categories of wine. Each wine was analyzed according to visual, olfactory, and
gustatory criteria as well as taking into account an overall appreciation.
At the end of the morning 716 medals were awarded: 113 Grand Gold medals,
(4.7%) 199 Gold medals (8.3%), 250 Silver medals (10.4 %) and 154 Bronze
medals (6.4%).

Results are available on: 

At the beginning of the event the chef Laurent Bouvier talked about the
involvement of the "Toques Blanches Lyonnaises" (the top regional chefs). He
hoped this would increase in the future, in view of the event’s growing
importance and the intimate relationship that exists between wine and

Indeed, as predicted previously the president of the Lyon International Wine
Competition, Philippe Lefebvre "The gastronomic city of Lyon, is becoming a
place of international recognition of the best wines."

At the end of the jury selection, the tasters appreciated a buffet during which
they were able to discover and taste some of the best selected wines. It was a
convivial moment which resulted in some pleasant oenological surprises.

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