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Organised in compliance with OIV (Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin) standards, the « MALBEC INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION » saw 15 wine tasters gather. They came to select the best wines among 88 samples from 7 countries (Argentina, Austria, Australia, Chile, Spain, France and South Africa).
30,68 % of the wines were awarded a medal. 11 won a Grand Malbec gold medal and 16 won a Grand Malbec silver medal.

Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere Special Prizes

A special jury met to award 2 SPECIAL PRIZES to the sample that obtained the best mark in each hemisphere during a second tasting ceremony of the wines which were awarded a Grand Malbec gold medal.

The Special Prize winners are :

Northern Hemisphere Special Prize : FRANCE: AZEMAR - CAHORS- 2009 - UN JOUR SUR TERRE

Southern Hemisphere Special Prize : ARGENTINA: FINCA LAS MORAS - SAN JUAN - 2009 MORA NEGRA

The Special Prizes award ceremony took place at Vinexpo Asia-Pacific, Hong Kong on 29 May 2012.

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