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A Powerful Tool For International Business

The PORTUGAL WINE GUIDE has been an International success. Meanwhile, in order to make room for more producers and Portuguese wines that want to join this initiative, a new and enlarged edition is already available for downloading.

In this edition you will find new names, both of personalities from the Portuguese wine Industry and of Chinese or Russian authors who write about Portuguese Wines in the context of their specific markets.

Distribution will begin with events in Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

This guide is unique both in terms of the breadth of its content as well as the target markets it will be distributed in, including: Brazil, Russia, India, China, USA, Germany, England, Benelux, Scandinavia and the Eastern European Union member states. Distribution will be aimed specifically at an exclusive list of sales representatives, importers and specialized distributors, according to the specific characteristics of each market. In some countries the guide will also be available in cellars and wine stores.

The PORTUGAL WINE GUIDE has already been distributed in over 45 countries, in a multilingual edition which is unparalleled in the world, including a printed edition in four languages: Portuguese, English, Russian and Mandarin, and with a CD-ROM version in Portuguese, English, Russian, Mandarin and German.
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