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After a nearly 15-year strong presence in the field of wine and spirits and having worked with thousands of producers and buyers worldwide, Global Wine & Spirits has developed considerable expertise and knowledge about the industry. “In the interest of transparency and fairness, we aim to keep our members and those in the industry abreast of the latest market trends, challenges and opportunities.

We publish on a regular basis free market studies, reports and articles, as well as information on international wine shows and events,” says Jean-Michel Stam, Vice-President of Operations at Global Wine & Spirits.

Interested in the Chinese market? Download our free special studies now:

• Conquering China’s Wine Market: Our Producers Testify
• Trade Shows and Wine Festivals in China: Tips for Making These Events Profitable

Look for our detailed white papers on the Brazilian Wine Market and Selling Wine Online in the United States, both coming soon. These will be available on as well as in our free weekly newsletter.

 “This rich and unique content is free and our experts are always available for consultation with our current and future members. Upload and share these content pieces with your wine community and take a committed and proactive role in your business,” concludes Marie Soubirac, Director of Sales at Global Wine & Spirits.

Founded in the early 2000s for wine professionals, the Global Wine & Spirits online platform ( connects an important and growing number of international wine producers and sellers with importers, wholesalers, distributors, agents, retailers and other professional wine buyers. Thousands of wine trade members use GWS daily to find within one site a critical mass of producers, wine offers and industry information.