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Global Wine & Spirits, the leading e-business network for wine professionals, is currently undergoing fundamental changes to its public pages in response to a huge increase in traffic on our site in the past nine months. While visits and page views were up by 30% on average for March 2007 over the same month last year, growth rates for July, August and September were in excess of 100% compared to 2006. In itself, this is excellent news for all Global Wine & Spirits members, but our real goal is to convert increased traffic into tangible benefits for our members. We expect to unveil our new site in the next few weeks.

Who visits Global Wine & Spirits?
In the beginning, traffic on Global Wine & Spirits was primarily limited to wine professionals (importers and distributors) responding to a specifically targeted marketing approach. Recent increases are the result of strong growth in the professional wine buyer segment, steady development in the wine equipment and service supplier sector, and growing numbers of wine enthusiasts, amateurs and collectors. This last market category has developed an interest in our members? products by researching information over the Internet, mainly through the major search engines. We are now seeing the results of major investments GWS made to increase Internet visibility as part of our strategy to adapt to an emerging paradigm for the digital world: Let them find you!

The right page for each visitor!
Upcoming changes to our website are designed to qualify incoming traffic from the moment it hits our homepage. This will significantly reduce the number of visitors not finding what they want within the first few seconds of their visit.

Professional buyers will be directed to the Spot Market Place, asked to post their needs online in the Call for Tenders section, and encouraged to visit our International Contests results page, as well as the much-improved Trade Directory. Industry equipment and service suppliers will be invited to advertise their offering in the Trade Directory, as well as in dedicated areas of the website where we are implementing new tracking and reporting tools. Finally, wine aficionados and newcomers will be sent directly to their favourite products page, where they can read tasting notes and reviews and contact winemakers. They will also be able to browse the product catalogue and discover featured wines of the week. These are just the first of a whole range of services we plan to offer wine enthusiasts in the near future.

What should you do?
If you are a member of Global Wine & Spirits, we urge you to complete your profile in the Trade Directory and enter your product information in the Worldwide Product Directory. If you are not yet a member, we invite you to consider signing up. In the meantime, you should fill out a free profile on the Trade Directory and start benefiting from our traffic today!

We look forward to your reaction when our new online home is launched in just a few weeks!