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We have the pleasure to announce you some important data regarding the results within International Wine Contest Bucharest 2014 (IWCB 2014), contest organized under the patronage of the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV), during the 22 nd – 25th May 2014 at the Romanian National Library.
The samples number: initially there were 723 samples registered, 712 samples submitted in the end because of some shipping delays.
The number of participating countries: 19 (Samples from China, Slovakia, Macedonia were registered beside the most important wine producing countries).
IWCB aims to attract competitors from Georgia, Armenia, those within the former Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia), Hungary, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Cyprus.
The number of producers who registered samples: 170, 33% Romanian producers and 67% foreign producers.
The IWCB judging was organized through its own application on Android tablets.
Biosystems Y15 Analyzer
In order to get consumer’s trust, towards the hierarchy validity established by IWCB, lab analysis for hundreds of samples (within the contest) were done. These determinations will face the other tests that are about to be done on several months, by the same analyzer, using the same wines, but this time these will be taken directly from the market.
The jury consisted of 12 foreigners members and 9 Romanian members.
The 12 foreign jury were from France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, United States of America, Colombia, Bulgaria, Moldova and countries that were for the first time represented such as: Hong Kong, Poland, Croatia, Slovakia.
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