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15 things you need to know to succeed in the Hong Kong wine market
By Marie-Claude Veillette,
A hub for wine imports to Asia and the region?s top consumer of wine per capita, Hong Kong is bursting with opportunities for wine producers. Alcohol consumption plays an important role in the social lives of Hong Kongers, particularly amongst the emerging middle class. Here are 15 facts about wine consumption in Hong Kong that will help you penetrate this growing market.
  • Hong Kong eliminated all taxes and duties on wine in 2008, positioning the city as the Asian capital for wine culture and imports.
  • As the top consumers of wine in Asia per capita, Hong Kongers are expected to drink 6.7 liters of wine per person in 2015.
  • All wine for sale in Hong Kong has been imported. Hong Kongers prefer red wine for its flavor, color and documented health benefits.
  • Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz are the most popular variations of red wine in Hong Kong; together they account for about 80% of the city?s red wine sales every year.
  • Chardonnay remains the most popular type of white wine in Hong Kong, representing about 60% of white wine sales every year.
  • Around 20% of all wine imported to Hong Kong is re-exported to elsewhere in China, while 80% is consumed locally.
  • France is the top exporter of wine to Hong Kong, holding 54.1% of market share by value, followed by Australia (20.7%) and the U.K. (7.1%).
  • The value of wine imports to Hong Kong grew by 196% between 2008 and 2014, from $367 million to $1.088 billion (USD).
  • As they become more sophisticated consumers of wine, Hong Kongers are seeking a good balance between quality and price.
  • Hong Kong is home to a high number of young consumers with significant amounts of disposable income to spend on luxury products.
  • Young adults belonging to the middle class in Hong Kong have similar consumption habits to their demographic counterparts in Europe.
  • More and more women in Hong Kong are drinking alcohol regularly.
  • A cultural shift away from drinking traditional spirits, and toward increased consumption of beer and wine, has manifested itself in Hong Kong.
  • Due to an influx of international varieties of wine to the Hong Kong market, consumers have become increasingly sophisticated and demanding, forcing wine brands to better differentiate themselves.
  • Most retail purchases of wine in Hong Kong are made at supermarkets or from specialized wine retailers. The city counts more than 750 supermarkets and 170 wine retailers.
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