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STIC WINES: 30 Years of Experience in the French Wine Industry
by Marie-Claude Veillette,

STIC WINES was founded nearly 35 years ago by Dominique Cocozza, who at the time was a buyer and reseller of a wide range of consumer products.


It was during a business trip to Bordeaux that Cocozza decided to switch hats and become a wholesaler and distributor of fine wines. Today, STIC WINES manages a catalogue of more than 150 wines originating from all of France's wine producing regions.

«My father was always a wine lover. He and his brother Cosimo started out by buying a batch of Bordeaux wine directly from the producer, and then started buying bigger and bigger batches from producers across France,» says Dominique's son Maxence, who joined the family business in 2008.

The new generation

At the beginning, STIC WINES essentially operated at the national level. With the arrival of Maxence, who had just received a diploma from an American university and was mastering the English language, the direction of the business changed

«When I returned from France, I met with a businessman from China who placed an order for 20,000 Euro worth of wine. At that moment, I became far more interested in the business of exporting,» says Maxence.

In addition to distributing their products throughout France, STIC WINES now exports wine to China, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and South Korea.

The Asian Market

«The majority of our customers are importers. They appreciate that they can place small orders, which include a variety of products, with our company. For example, we allow them to order 5000 Euro worth of wine, but the order can be made up of four or five different products. Thanks to our competitive prices, our line of products is very appealing to them», explains Cocozza.

Maxence Cocozza makes sure that he is present at the various professional expositions for the wine and spirits industry in Asia. He's been to Shanghai twice; to Taiwan once to attend Global Wine Meetings and will be in Hong Kong in November for the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair.

«Red wines continue to dominate the Chinese market. Bordeaux varieties remain very popular, but we are also seeing a growing interest among consumers for wines from la Loire, as well as Bourgognes. When I travel overseas, I bring samples of 20 or 30 different products that I have in stock to gauge the interest of buyers in these new wines.»

Competition is an important consideration in China, where buyers tend to be very up-to-date on the retail value of specific wines. «Importers are very aware of current wine values, Bordeaux wines in particular. I've noticed that more and more buyers are interested in buying wines that have never been imported to China. This novelty allows them to set a premium price for these products and obtain a higher profit margin on the resale», says Cocozza.

STIC WINES handles around 4 million bottles of wine every year, and holds a permanent stock of around 1 million bottles, everything from table wine to premium products.

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