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Sales of Entry-Level and Sparkling Wines are Driving Growth in the Hong Kong Market
By Marie-Claude Veillette,

After weathering a market deceleration in 2013 the Hong Kong wine market has recovered its strength, thanks to a growing middle class of consumers who are buying cheaper bottles.

Entry Level Wine and Sparkling

Sales of entry-level still wines and sparkling wines continue to grow, while sales of Premium wine remains flat, partly due to government anti-corruption measures brought in by Chinese President Xi Jinping. The new measures have targeted the popular mainland practice of offering expensive wines and spirits as gifts, which is no longer considered acceptable.

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« We are returning to Hong Kong again this year with enthusiasm », says Lindsay Watkin, Sr. Director of Sales and Operations at Global Wine & Spirits. « With consumption increasing for wines that start at a lower price, Hong Kong remains a flourishing market full of opportunities for wine producers. »

Unsurprisingly, France is still the leading exporter of wine to Hong Kong, with a 38% market share in terms of volume, followed by Australia with 21%, the USA with 14% and Chile with 8%.

While demand for premium French Bordeaux is declining, entry-level and standard Bordeaux wines are now the most widely consumed in Hong Kong.

Although Australia has experienced only a relatively modest increase in the volume of its wine exports, Australian wines remain popular with Hong Kong consumers, who have a taste for red wines with robust body and potent flavors that are sold at reasonable prices.

Sales of wines from the US, Chile and Spain - most of which are represented in the entry-level segment - are experiencing strong growth. In particular, US still light wines registered a massive sales growth of +41.3% in the Hong Kong market between 2010 and 2014.

Demand for Italian and Spanish Sparkling Wines on the Rise

Hong Kong wine consumers appreciate Italy's Bordeaux blends, as they view them as viable alternatives to Bordeaux, while Prosecco is currently Hong Kong's top seller in the sparkling wine category.

Wines imported from Spain are also very popular with Hong Kong's new generation of younger wine drinkers, who view Spanish wines as providing good value for the price.

Between 2010 and 2014, sales of sparkling wine grew by an impressive 51% in Hong Kong, driven largely by the popularity of Prosecco and Cava. Sales of these products grew by 89% and 110% per cent respectively during this time period.1

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1Vinexpo/IWRS study - Hong Kong wine and spirits market with an outlook to 2019