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Pure, premium vodka made from Canadian glacier water
By Marie-Claude Veillette,

The idea to produce vodka of unparalleled purity, using water sourced from snow-capped glaciers in Canada's north, first came to businessman Bharat Hansraj in 2012.

A longtime lover of fine spirits, Hansraj started his quest to create an exceptionally pure vodka by surrounding himself with masters of the craft. They worked together to develop a formula that would seduce even the most sophisticated of palates.

The Mark

Silver Dragon Vodka is a premium product with a light but full-bodied taste. When served on ice, it has notes of vanilla and almond; a final hint of pepper gives Silver Dragon a unique character and an incomparable flavor ”, says Hansraj, who is both founder and owner of
the brand.

Made with a selection of superior-quality grain sourced from local producers and natural glacier water, Silver Dragon is micro-distilled five times to create an exceptionally smooth taste.

“ Our distillery is located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada. Fresh glacier water flows from the Rockies to soak the fertile soil that in turn produces some of the world's finest grain, carrying with it the all-natural flavors that are captured in Silver Dragon Vodka's signature blend. ”

Spirits buyers who attend the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Fair in November 2016 will be the first to enjoy this «ultra-premium» vodka. After the initial unveiling, Silver Dragon will also be marketed in North America, the United Kingdom and Europe.

Sales of wines from the US, Chile and Spain - most of which are represented in the entry-level segment - are experiencing strong growth. In particular, US still light wines registered a massive sales growth of +41.3% in the Hong Kong market between 2010 and 2014.

Single Shots

Silver Dragon Vodka will be available in a standard bottle size, but also in individual one-ounce servings. “ The packaging is similar to coffee servings that are sold in packages of 12, ” says Hansraj. “ Our customers can choose to have them personalized for their brand or business. It's a practical serving method that is more ecologically-friendly than glass or plastic mini-bottles. ”

The future

“ Right now, we have the wind in our sails. Our ultimate goal is to become an important player in the global spirits market; we would like to produce other premium spirits products, like gin and whiskey, and bring them to market. We are also looking at developing beverages made from real fruit. These spirit cocktails would have original flavors and lower sugar content than many of the products that are currently on the market. ”

Clearly, there is no shortage of projects to keep this Canadian small business busy - good news for the firm's fifteen employees, most of whom work full-time at the Silver Dragon distillery. For now, Hansraj's team is excited to head to Hong Kong to meet buyers and for Silver Dragon Vodka to become a preferred drink for spirits lovers in Vietnam, Taiwan and especially Hong Kong.

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