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Blu Frog Vodka: Bringing a dream to life
by Marie-Claude Veillette, Global Wine & Spirits


Before co-founding Blu Frog vodka, Patrick Rochette and Romy Petit were just two experienced businessmen with a common dream: to create a 100% Canadian vodka of the highest quality that would seduce the palates of spirits lovers everywhere. Their dream has been realized with the announcement that their company has formed a strategic alliance
with Quality Craft Ltd., a Canadian retail giant.

Buoyed by the experience and market savvy of their new financial partner, Patrick and Romy were able to take their time to develop their unique vodka recipe from selected corn, which is cold-distilled 5 times to encourage the release of subtle flavors.

A bright future

“Thanks to the expertise of relatives who worked for a distillery in Toronto, we were well-positioned to create a winning formula. To deliver a pure taste that is soft on the palette, we use only high-quality, non-GMO and gluten-free grain, and spring water sourced in Quebec,” says Romy Petit, director of marketing strategy for Blu Frog vodka.

For now, Blu Frog will continue to be distilled and bottled at Embouteillage Solar in Terrebonne, Quebec but if the company's plans for expansion are realized, Quality Craft Spirits Ltd. will fund a new distillery to meet the needs of customers in the United States and Mexico.

“We're currently discussing distribution options with several major U.S. retail chains, and chances are good that we will also export Blu Frog to Mexican markets. We're in late-stage discussions with a major wholesale distributor there,” says Patrick Rochette, who handles sales and distribution of the brand.

Heading to Asia

The two men's ambitions don't stop there. They intend to impress buyers in Asia with their 100% Canadian vodka, and to eventually develop their own brands of gin and whisky.

“We're excited to be participating in the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair in November, which will give us an opportunity to gauge the level of interest among importers for our products. The buyers at the Fair will be some of the first
people to taste our vodka, which won't be commercially available before November,” explains Rochette.

In Quebec, Blu Frog vodka will be initially distributed in bars and restaurants thanks to their association with Vignôme and then, Petit and Rochette hope, on shelves at SAQ stores across the province.