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Féminalise, the wine competition which makes room for women

11th edition: Registration of wines OPEN

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  Source : US Wine Market Council

Women buy more wine than men! Take advantage of it!

It is an original wine competition where the jury is 100% feminine, wine professionals or seasoned oenophiles.
It is open to producers, cooperative wineries, wine merchants and wine importers from France and worldwide.
Tastings take place once a year, in April, in Beaune.
  • Wines made by men and women
  • Féminalise Gold, Silver or Bronze medals for the best wines
  • 100 % feminine jury
    With 78% professionals — 18 nationalities
    46% of them are buyers
  • UNIQUE system of tasting
    No influence or commentary is possible
    ach wine is tasted by at least 3 different women seated separately, and ranked on a wine-tasting sheet with 39 control points
banne wine tasting
Akiko Tomoda This 11th edition puts the emphasis on the buyers, distributors and importers of export markets with Master Akiko Tomoda as the 1st foreign honorary President.

She is the ambassador of Féminalise award-winning wines in Japan, wine and sake sommelier, President of the Ryouin-Business society, author, lecturer and consultant to numerous organisations, importers, hotels and restaurants in Japan.
She also presides over the “Japanese Association of women amateurs of wine and sake”.

Practical information, Registration and contact:

FEMINALISE World Wine Competition
DATE: April 6, 2017
VENUE: Palais des Congrès de Beaune
TEL: +33-(0)3-85-45-11-11