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10 Facts About the UK Wine Market & Consumers

People drinking wine

1. They're in the Top 10
According to the OIV, the UK is 6th biggest wine consumer in the world by volume, consuming 12.9 million hectolitres in 2015.

2. Wine is the Drink of Choice
Wine is the preferred choice for 60% of adults in the UK as compared to other alcoholic drinks, and is second behind beer in terms of total hectolitres sold (although beer still remains the top seller in terms of number of hectolitres sold).

3. They Buy Wine in Retail outlets
80% of wine is sold in the UK is sold in retail, or “off-trade” outlets, with only 20% of sales coming from “on-trade” outlets like restaurants, bars and hotels.

4. The Retail Market is Becoming More Polarized
Sales of wines in discount outlets like Aldi are increasing, as are sales in independent wine shops that focus on higher-end or special occasion wine.

5. Online Wine Sales are Growing
Consumers are buying wine on the web at sites like Amazon, Wine Direct, Virgin Wines and more.

6. They're Price-Sensitive
The most popular retail price point in terms of volume sold was £4-£5 in 2015.

7. They Have a Slight Preference for White
White wine sales accounted for 47% of total wine sales, while red accounted for 42% and rose 11% in 2015.

8. Australian Wines are #1
Australian wines were the top sellers for still wines, with sales seeing positive YOY growth and totalling £1,011.2 million in 2015. Australia, USA and Italy are the top three countries of origin for wine sales in the UK.

9. Sparkling Wine Still Growing
Sparkling wine sales were up 21% by volume (779 million hectolitres) and 22% by value (£709 million) in 2015.

10. Wine as a Food Trend
The “Sirtfood Diet,” which gained popularity in 2016, boasted red wine as a “good” food. Low-calorie and diet wines are also available on the market.