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Michelin Acquires 40% of Robert Parker Wine Advocate

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Michelin, the French automobile tire manufacturer and publisher of Michelin restaurant guides, has purchased a 40 percent stake in popular wine consumer guide The Wine Advocate.

As part of the deal, Michelin acquired 40 percent of the website, which hosts an online archive of past issues of The Wine Advocate dating back to 1992.

The Wine Advocate was founded by Robert Parker in 1978 and sold to a group of Singapore-based investors in 2012, at which time Parker stepped down from his role as editor-in-chief of the publication but stayed on as President of the company.

“For far too long, critics have divided wine and food into two separate areas of expertise,” said Parker in a press release authored by current editor-in-chief of The Wine Advocate Lisa Perrotti-Brown.

“Now, the most realistic blend of impartial, independent, unbiased, intelligent food and wine opinion and wisdom have been married for the benefit of both wine and food consumers,” Parker concluded.

According to Perrotti-Brown, is “the world's most widely read independent consumers guide to fine wine”.

Michelin Chief Executive Officer of food and travel, Alexandre Taisne, stated that the Wine Advocate and Michelin brands will continue to focus on wine tastings and reviews, particularly in North America and Asia. He also explained that the credibility and independence of both Michelin and Robert Parker Wine Advocate will complement each other as a result of the deal, and form a strong foundation for customer service and experience going forward.

“The credibility of Michelin and Robert Parker Wine Advocate [are] based on unique selection systems, organized around a proven methodology and undeniable independence,” said Taisne. “The partnership between Michelin, the global reference in gourmet dining... and Robert Parker Wine Advocate, the world leader in wine tasting and rating, will enable our customers... to experience unique moments.”

Michelin is also responsible for the “Michelin star” system that ranks outstanding chefs and restaurants around the world.

Nathan Munn | Global Wine & Spirits