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International Wine Competitions

As a proud partner to several renowned international wine competitions, Global Wine & Spirits is positioned to bring you key details about various wine contests and wine competition winners worldwide.

Since its inception, Global Wine & Spirits has made a point to showcase some of the world's leading wine contests and a wide variety of wines that have won top honours at these renowned international wine competitions.

In keeping with this commitment, Global Wine & Spirits is delighted to present contest information and results from the World Federation of Major International Wine and Spirits Competitions (VinoFed) and its associated events. As a result, wine professionals and other visitors to Global Wine & Spirits can consult wine competition results from around the world, in particular those from VinoFed member competitions.

For more information about VinoFed, please visit their website:

What is VinoFed?

VinoFed's mission is to shine a spotlight on authentic international competitions and distinguish them from other events in order to cement their credibility and, consequently, the credibility of the wines singled out for recognition.